Saturday, October 31, 2009

Walmart owes me $416.22

Last night my nephew and I decided to go out and get a PS3 and Tekken 6. We tried to get it from Best Buy but they closed right before we got there. So I went against my better judgment and thought I'd give Walmart a try. When we got there they had two units left. The lady brought me one that was apparently discounted as the box a little beat up. It normally would have been $399 but it was $299, came with a game (Uncharted) and had the 160 GB hard drive. A good deal I thought, until I tried to set it up at home. It was missing the power source and upon further inspection was dirty and scratched up. I packed it back up and went back to the store where they told me I had to come back the next day when the manager was back and they would look at the cameras to see who stocked it in the case.

So I return today around five so I could bring it to my friend's Halloween party. They tell me the serial numbers don't match and so therefore I have to take it up with the manufacturer. They print out a sheet with serial numbers on it and tell me sorry for the inconvenience. "What about the gas I spent driving back here twice? I don't get any compensation? What the hell? Am I assed out $400 dollars?!?" "Sir, just contact the manufacturer."

I plan to, and then I plan on talking to some higher ups. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" my father always said.

Update: I went back again later that night and got everyone's name and the number for the head manager and will be calling him Monday. If he doesn't give me what I want I will just go higher. I will keep y'all posted.

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