Friday, October 30, 2009

Limbaugh refers to Obama as a "threat" to those "people in this country who want to be free"

You -- In 2008, in our presidential election, we had a, a, a war veteran, Vietnam War veteran, John McCain, against an elitist, five-minute career senator of a hundred and fifty days. That senator was running as a Democrat, and had actively sought the defeat of the U.S. military in Iraq -- had actively sought to undermine General Petraeus, who was the author of the surge that led to a turnaround in Iraq and a victory. And now that same man is dithering in Afghanistan while American soldiers -- not Bush soldiers, not Obama soldiers, American soldiers -- are dying. At record numbers.

The threat that people in this country who want to be free face is now within our own borders. That's the stark reality. We'll be back.

--Rush Limbaugh

And when someone takes Oxycontin's claim seriously and decides that the threat needs to be neutralized, will this joker accept his role in inciting it?

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