Friday, April 20, 2007

Mildly Brilliant Update for 4/20/07

Ok, first and foremost I am not dead. If you all are wondering, I finally moved into my RV and I must say I am enjoying it. Of course there are little kinks I have to iron out: for instance I just found out I need to use biodegradable toilet paper... but so goes the way of the learning curve. I found out that peacocks are beautiful but ratther annoying. I discovered that freight trains are not so cool when you have to wait for them to cross on your way to work. But most of all I discovered how fast life comes at you when you are trying to get away from it. I don't want to write a book, so I have condensed some of the current affairs, both public and personal into bullet points:
On Don Imus: Fuck him!!! If the phrase "nappy headed hos" is what finally did this bigoted piece of shit in, well that just proves that the general public has not been paying attention. And no, this does not mean we should re-evaluate rap music because the word "ho" is common place. Rap is generally light hearted and not directed at a particular person or group of people, Imus' slur was, and without provocation. He is just a racist fuck, get over it. There is no deeper message here. Move on.

On the Virginia Tech shootings: God awful... I won't even try politicize it like both sides of the aisle are doing. It is a tragedy, and neither gun control or a lack of violent video games would have affected the outcome so all you political hacks trying to score cheap points can shut the fuck up.

On Gonzales-Gate: Karl Rove loses three years of e-mails and Alberto claims ignorance. You thought something else would come of this? These fucks are guilty as fuck and the fact that nothing is sticking should send people into rage... but did you see dancing with the stars last night?

On my grandmother: She is dying, and it has been tearing me apart. She fell down and broke her hip and after surgery it turns out she contracted pnemonia. My grandfather knows she is dying and spends his days reading old letters and looking at pictures. In the past few weeks I have come to believe in the concept of love, but not the movie concept. Love is the old man not eating and staying at the side of the bed of his wife of 50+ years, not Jennifer Annisten and some [insert youthful popular male actor here.] Sometimes you don't know how valuable something is until it is gone.

These points made, I am going to go hook up my RV at the new campsite I will be residing in. Hopefully, my update will be more cheerful nexttime.

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