Monday, April 09, 2007

Geraldo exposes Bill O'Reilly's anti-immigrant demigoguery

Bill O'Reilly is trying to pull a Lou Dobbs by making a drunk driving tragedy into an illegal alien into a "two minute hate" and Geraldo Rivera calls him on it. While I am no fan illegal aliens flooding the country, the concentrated efforts by conservative punditry to demonize and scapegoat is not only immoral, but idiotic.

If you have an ant problem that is caused by leaving out sweets you can spray all you want and they will still keep comming back. The answer is to lock up or take away the sweets and then the ants have no reason to be invading your house because there is no incentive to. Go after employers of illegal aliens and then the illegals will have no reason to come here. Instead of this reasoned approach, people like O'Reilly here would rather beat their chests about isolated incidents in order to make "a cheap political point."

Of course, this is typical O'reilly and I am not surprised seeing he is a complete...

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