Monday, June 19, 2006

Troll Talk: Blockbuster Marmoset Hunter

So I have been being harrassed in this College Republican group by some idiot who doesn't know when his ass has been handed to him. His typical response has been to call my insults "weak" and say that he has "owned" me even though has made no counter point. Take this excerpt from a thread where we were talking about Ann Coulter:

Buck: Dude you can keep Ann Coulter, I prefer my women not to have Adam's Apples.

Some Conservative Guy: Dude, she doesnt have an adams apple! I know you can't say she isn't that bad... lol don't tell me my standards have gone that low, haha.

Buck: All joking aside, I really don't find her attractive. I think Michelle Malkin is attractive, but if I ever met her I would probably punch her... But I do think she is cute.

Enter this Blockbuster Marmoset Hunter dipshit...
Blockbuster Marmoset Hunter: Hmmmm... a liberal advodating violence agains women with whom they disagree. Why am I not surprised?

So I jokingly say...

Buck: You should be suprised because most liberals I know are waffling pussies... besides, I am an equal oppurtunity asskicker.

Blockbuster Marmoset Hunter: Yes they are waffling pussies... which is why they choose to take their aggresion out on women apparently.

"Equal opportunity asskicker"? Does this mean that you'll hit any size woman?

Buck: Why? Are you wanting me to hit you?

After he just got owned does he accept it? No. He goes on for four or five pages about how I am a hypocrite because I am anti-war and hit women. For those of you are inbred like BMH here, I was being facetious. I would never hit a woman. So after time after time of rubbing this idiot's nose in his own shit I start to realize he is just trying to get attention from me, so I call him out on it. He vehemetly denies it for a few pages but then I log on today and see this:


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