Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Douche Bag Award of the Month: Massachusetts

Congratulations, this truly is unprecedented for more than one person, let alone an entire state, to recieve this prestigious award. Pat yourselves on the back, you've earned it. Honestly, you really screwed the pooch on this one. Not only did you screw millions of uninsured Americans out of a chance of recieving at least mediocre healthcare reform, but you also helped to validate an AstroTurf political group which bolstered the bat shit insane claims that the President of United States:
- is a secret Muslim.

- is not really an American at all, but a *gasp* Kenyan.

- is really a communist... And also a fascist... Somehow...

- is secretly planning to kill your grandmother.

- caused the country to go into recession even though this happened during his predecessor's watch.

- is trying to take our guns away even as a religiously insane man walks within a block of a Presidential Townhall meeting with A LOADED AR-15 and ISN'T ARRESTED!!!

- Really is a racist who hates white people, even though his mother and grandparents where white.

You helped to legitimize this group and this talking point will echo throughout their news "news" channel for months to come. Meanwhile you elected a guy who:
- has already stated he will block healthcare reform.

- gained noteriety posing as a nude centerfold in the 80's.

- is opposed to regulating the derivative traders, banks, and Wall Street sociopaths that caused this recession in the first place.

And I thought Californians were stupid for electing an action movie star governor. Thanks for making my state not look as stupid. I really do thank you for that, but as for the rest... Please don't take this the wrong way, but fuck you!!!

- Mildly Brilliant

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