Friday, October 16, 2009

Regarding Animal Activists...

I hate stupid arguments, prehaps even more than stupid people. At least stupid people are limited by mental capacity, where as a stupid argument can only exist as long as people will entertain such nonsense. Tonight's argument between a person I will not identify out of respect, and myself is a model example. I'm not sure exactly how it started (alcohol was definitely involved) but I know it took a turn for the worst when I asked her, a self proclaimed animal rights activist, if she saw a drowning dog or a drowning person at the beach, which one would she save. She chose the dog, to which I replied "Ok, this conversation is over, I have no respect for you." She tried to rationalize for a few minutes but she just ended up pissing off the hostess of the party by bringing in her daughter in a false equivalency argument regarding maternal instincts of protecting the young in both canines and people. She also tried to use my statement that "people are animals" against me. The argument ended abruptly when the hostess' daughter was thrown into the argument and as usual my point of view was shut out, but for those who give a shit these are my arguments against those who would save the dog:
1.) While both humans and canines are animals, humans are of higher intelligence experiencing a higher range of emotions and awareness than that of a simple dog that in its lifetime may learn a handfull of tricks. Where as the human could be the next Einstein or Da Vinci.

2.) While animals do generally protect their young, they are also known for eating them and engaging in incestual activities because they generally don't adhere to a moral code.

3.) While animals "do not have a voice to speak up for themselves", people are the only animals I know of who can or even would push for legislation that would protect said animals... Which would be pretty hard to do if said hypothetical legislator drowned because a dog was saved in a textbook example of misguided idealism.

4.) Animals would never choose another species to save if given the choice between their own and another.

That said, I do believe in animal rights and abhor those who partake in animal cruelty. But I can tell you right now I would save the human without hessitation. As for the person who left in a fit because I called out her stupid argument, I'm not sorry-and if you are going to throw out such an obtuse statement, it would help if you didn't eat meat.

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