Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paging Dave Chappelle

Remember Dave Chappelle's skit where he played a blind black man who hated black people and then divorced his wife after he found out he was black because she was a "nigger lover"?

"African Americans have treated (Obama) better than they would treat Jesus if he were to return.
He's partially alledged to the African American people-Black people always
walk around with a chip on their shoulder - because they're Black - daring anybody to say anything to them.
Seventy percent of Black men are full of abandonment, full of murder, full of robbery and full of violence.
I'm not saying ALL Black men, just seventy percent of them.

--James David Manning

Ever notice as soon as Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination every JC Watts wannabe was on every news station speaking out against him? All of a sudden African-American Republican strategists and spokesman were coming out of the wood work to show us that black people vote republican too. Some people call them Uncle Toms or house negroes... While that may be a little too much, after seeing guys like this talk so much trash about blacks (70% of them are full of murder?!?) I can't help but imagine this guy late night in the shower trying to scrub "the black" off his skin. If you think this is ridiculous mental imagery, then check out his rant about how black women should try marrying white men. In this speech he actually says that Barack Obama's father was "an in heat African" and had "been raised up in the jungles of Kenya" who hadn't "seen more than ten white people in his life" and that "they were all on television." It reminds me of a certain Boondocks episode I saw a few years back...

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