Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sober at The Underground

I am trying to secure a location for a TV pilot we are trying to concoct. The location is a bar in Redlands called the Underground. The owner, Poncho, is a real cool cat if you can catch him. I've been here over an hour waiting and the locals have managed to drag me up on stage to sing a song. Karaeoke is great if you are drunk, but being sober is another thing. My hands are still shaking and the random girl in the crowd taking pictures of me didn't help. I need a beer and I don't have a penny to my name. If he doesn't get here soon I might have to leave him a note because the patrons are eyeballing me and I am too sober to deal with the wave of anxiety that is washing over me, tempting me to gouge their eyes out with a cocktail straw.

I need a drink. I should get a medal for this.

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