Thursday, May 07, 2009

Moving On

Three months after my father's death I am barely starting to get my life back together. The "Divine Providence" has been relocated to a more permanent location at my ex-step sister's house. I dropped my anatomy class and have been doing editing work for my friend Nash editing commercials and a wedding for a bunch of Catholics. While it pays a little, I worry that these people are going to gyp us since the guy we have been going through has been trying to cut every corner he can. For instance they call me to shoot miscellaneous construction shots the other day and pay thirty dollars to drive all the way out to San Bernardino for two hours. This is a slap in the face considering I am normally paid twenty an hour with a minimum of four hours especially on a weekend. Any hope of getting a job with this company is gone and I have lost my zeal for the work seeing that no one appreciates the time, effort, and skill involved.

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