Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eric Cantor's Distasteful "Joke"

Rep. Eric Cantor's office, second banana of the House Republicans, sent this spoof of AFSCME as a response to their charge that he is a just say no politician when it comes to the stimulus bill. In a time of economic turmoil that they have created, the Republicans have insisted on continuing to drive our country off a cliff with the same failed policies of tax-cuts for the wealthy and/or outright obstruction of the stimulus bill. Call me crazy, but I thought they lost the election, so why do they think their medieval opinions matter?

Aside from the obvious immaturity of this response, its very presence sums up Republican hypocrisy. You see Rep. Cantor voted for the Broadcast Deceny Enforcement Act that fined broadcasters up to $500,000 for things like... wait for it... Janet Jackson's nipple. Remember that, when Republican's head collectively exploded because Ms. Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction"? And yet here his office is sending out a video that stereotypes unions as La Cosa Nostra spewing profanities like a lawn sprinkler.

But hey, this was just a "joke" right? Yeah, no hypocrisy there.

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