Saturday, December 06, 2008

What is to become of this site.

As the horrible nightmare of the Bush era draws to a close, I have noticed my interest/obsession with politcs has started to wane. While I am still following events on the hill, I must confess that I hardly have the motivation to delve deeply into them or the time to blog about them. Of course this partly to do with my lack of a computer, but more so to do with me being burnt out. At its inception, this site was supposed to serve as a vehicle to connect my friends across long distances and to give them a chance to showcase their talents as well as get them involved with politics, activism, and current events. Unfortunately, most of them never post due to being too busy or lack of interest.

Part of the reason interest declined was due to the beta version crashing (which apparantly was my fault) and their work being lost. The newer blogger based site, while more stable, lacks several key functions as well as the flare of the original. I must admit, I am not happy with the current look. But most of all, the site lacks direction and I am contemplated what to do with it. Originally, these were the objectives of the site:
1. Chronicle and catagorize the incremental slide towards fascism in the United States.

2. Keep readership up to date on current events, politics, and breakthroughs in science & technology.

3. Post reviews of books, movies, & restaurants.

4. Provide an outlet for creative expression.

5. Inject humor/satire, both original and sampled.

6. Reserect my 1 Man Army politcal comic strip and animations.

With such a broad set of goals it is easy to see why this site overwhelmed me. So I have decided to focus on number five as the primary goal of this site. Following a makeover, I will be primarily be using this site as a vehicle for my comics, which by the way, will focus more on day to day personal events rather than politics. The other listed objectives may pop up from time to time, but will be the exception and not the norm. Hopefully, this will increase readership and then we can focus on other things like T-shirts and what not.

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