Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Watching the Final Debate

It's nice to see Obama setting the record straight about Bill Ayers. McCain's smirk reminds me of another smirking asshole, one that has almost destroyed this country. It's funny that everytime McCain interjects it is almost guarenteed that the undecide voters opinion meters drop.

Finally verdict: Obama comes off as wonkish but knowing his stuff. I wish he would refute McCain's character assassination remarks a little more aggressively. McCain comes off as a desperate attack Chiuahua. He smirks and rolls his eyes like a spoiled third grader. He attacks Obama at every question and mischaracterizes Obama's record. Obama comes off like a big dog that just puts up with the yipping little pest.

Obama won this one yet again, stick a fork in McCain, he's done.

Obama: You look too comfortable and let McCain get too many digs in. The most notable missed oppurtunity: McCain called Obama out for not condeming John Lewis' comments regarding McCain's smear ads and the resulting "he's a terrorist" and "kill him" remarks uttered at his and his running mate's speeches. Your response should have been: "Why are accusing me of not repudiating John Lewis' comments when you haven't even bothered to apologize or distance yourself from comments from your running mate and your own wife insinuating I hang out with terrorists?" Oh and Pot? The kettle is on line two waiting to talk to you about your complexion.

Thank Dog this is over, if anyone else brings up Joe the Plumber tonight while I am out, I will hand them their balls.

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Drea said...

I think i am indeed a little stupider having watched this debate. I don't disagree that Obama took this one, but oh my shattered nerves...