Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Republican Plant: Say it ain't so Joe

I don't understand, he seemed so genuinely ignorant...

Excerpted from USA Today:
HOLLAND, Ohio — It turns out "Joe the Plumber," the unexpected focus of Wednesday night's presidential debate, has a different first name and no plumber's license, owes back taxes to the state of Ohio and would likely get a tax cut under Democrat Barack Obama's plan.

As details emerged Thursday about the man Republican John McCain said would pay higher taxes under Obama's plan, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, 34, retreated inside his house after being besieged by interview requests.


Ohio records show he has a lien on his home from January 2007 for failing to pay $1,182.98 in state income taxes. The lien has not been settled.

He also had to settle a lien for $1,261.37 that was placed in July 2007 by a local hospital for outstanding bills. It was lifted last October after the debt was satisfied.

Wurzelbacher said Thursday that he isn't a licensed plumber but works with a plumber.

So not only is he lying about being a plumber who would suffer under Obama's tax plan, but he is also a tax evader. I wonder if McCain vetted this guy more or less than Palin before using this plant as a prop in the last debate.

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