Monday, September 08, 2008

The selective morality of rightwingers

I love this juxtaposition. On one side we have the driver expressing his moral outrage that women legally have a choice whether to carry a child to term or not as exemplified by the yellow bold lettering. Shame on you uppity females and Godless liberals!!!

And then we have the sticker to the right of the feigned outrage... Let me ask you a question. Why would you need to run away after sex? Think about it.
Did you sleep with someone else's wife?

Did you force yourself on a woman and need to flee?

Did you sleep with the farmer's underage daughter and he's pursuing you with a shotgun?

Were you having anonymous gay sex at a rest stop when the cops busted the soirée?

Seriously, does the altitude of your hypocritical high horse impair your sense irony, or does it just give you a nose bleed?

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