Wednesday, September 03, 2008

911 Truth signs behind Tweety

While observing the self congradulatory circle jerk of "change" and challenging of "beltway insider politicians" snake oil that the incumbant Republican party is selling at the RNC, I noticed that behind Chris Matthews were protesters with signs saying "911 was an inside job". I couldn't help but laugh. I have been wanting to post more but haven't been able to post due to the lack of a "cut & paste" function on the iPhone. That said, I have been watching both the DNC and RNC and have a few things to say about both.

First of all the DNC: if I have learned one thing from this, it is that super deligates should not dance in front of the camera. John Kerry delivered a killer speech which shattered the media myth that John McCain is a "maverick". I'm glad to see Kerry finally swinging back at the Republicans... Too bad it's not 2004. Obama delivered a killer speech that alleviated a lot of my concerns that he might pull a Kerry and try to out curtsy the fascist swine. But my favorite moment came from Joe "Hair Plugs" Biden when he accidentally called John McCain George Bush. This Freudian slip basically underscores McCain's shameful voting record of voting 90% with Bush in the past few years and the 100% lockstep record he has had voting this year with Bush. He truly would be a third term.

On to the RNC: The cheap political ploy of nominating a painfully inexperienced governor as a veep because she is a woman is just that. At first glance I couldn't believe McCain thought women would be as stupid as to vote with their vaginas, but Palin is not just a cheap attempt to portray his ticket as progressive. She is a Trojan horse for the religious right, as she is so bat shit crazy that she opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest!!!. She also has a record of banning books from libraries, and using her power to settle personal family vendettas. Not to mention that despite claiming to crusade against pork and corruption she supported Senator Ted Stevens' bridge to nowhere debacle and maintains a close relationship with him.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that just a few months ago she admitted on national television that she had no idea what the Vice President does? But don't mention any of the afore mentioned because if you do you are a mysogynist. Yep not only is she trying to steal Hillary voters, she is stealing Hillary's former politcal strategies. But what did she have to say about Hillary's cry of misogyny during the primaries? She denounced it as whining.

So there you have the GOP's great white hope: a hypocritical, power abusing, lying, intolerant, inexperienced, ignoramus. In short, George Bush with in nice dress..

There is no "change" here.

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