Wednesday, July 09, 2008

McCain on Social Security

Yeah, I would like to give you some straight talk John. The Social Security system has always been a pay as you go system, that is always how it has worked and it is one of the most popular social programs ever created. That said, you have priorly stated we should privatize the system and that is no doubt your plan, though you are quick to deny it. I mean, Privatization has worked so well with the California energy crisis and the Walter Reed Veteran's Hospital. And speaking of Walter Reid, do you know who made out from this privatization dick move? You guessed it... Haliburton.

And if these two examples have proved that privatization doesn't work to lower prices for the consumer/tax payer, nor does it provide a more reliable system, then what the fuck are you doing trying to adhere time tested failed policy to Social Security?

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