Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama is a Pledge Hating Under Cover Ninja Muslim Hell Bent on Destroying America

Ok, I jest about the ninja part, but I am really getting tired of the this meme. Disinformation like this is more powerful than people think. I was at the bar celebrating a friend's birthday when he started talking about why he won't vote for Obama. His reasons were that Obama is a Muslim, refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, went to a radical Muslim school (a Madrassa), and was sworn in on the Koran. So for those who are interested in keeping tabs the score is: False, false, false, and false. It is funny that the very same disinformation was found at my girlfriend's parent's house in the form of a chain e-mail printout to which I wrote "This is false. Check it out on snopes.com. Perhaps I sound like I am being to alarmist about ignorant e-mails, but this video shows how far reaching this same chain mail has been.

You can also find more info pertaining to this meme on Fact Check.org, US Election Polls.com, and Media Matters for America.

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