Friday, February 01, 2008

Douche Bag of the Week: Ralph Nader

It looks like Nader is at it again.

Excerpted from ABC News:
"When Kucinich threw in the towel, now you have Edwards gone — who's going to carry the torch of democratic populism against the relentless domination of powerful corporations of our government?" Nader said. "You can't just brush these issues to the side because the candidates are ignoring them."

Looks like the Democratic race is heating up and getting the attention it deserves... Quick send in Nader!!!
Nader also rejects the "spoiler" label many Democrats have applied to him since 2000, when his candidacy was blamed in some circles for helping defeat Democratic candidate Al Gore.

"That is the sign of political bigotry," he said. "Why aren't the major candidates spoilers? They represent parties that spoil our electoral system and our government."

Well here is the thing Ralph. Edwards and Kucinich dropped out of the race because they knew they were not going to win. Unlike you they realize that the Republican party must be stopped in order to engage in progressive politics on a national level. Instead you cling on knowing you have a snowball's chance in Hell at winning, and people that would Democratic but are too idealistic, vote for you and the sweet nothings you whisper in their ears.

If you want to influence the election as you claim, do so earlier in the election, or at least have the decency to pull out of the race when it is clear you are not going to win. Otherwise it looks like you are a tool employed by the GOP, funded by the GOP, to fracture the progressive bass.

So cut the bullshit douche bag, we know what you are up to.

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