Sunday, January 06, 2008

Same shit, different pile

A few changes in your humble narrator's life have occurred. For starters I celebrated Humbug (a cynical atheist's version of Christmas) in full force this year by not buying anybody a damn thing, showing up for dinner, pointing out the pagan roots of the holiday, and then meeting up with a female friend to have unholy amounts of sex to mark the occasion. The following days consisted copious amounts of alcohol consumption, smoking, and five hour straight (no breaks: if the union found out...) sexcapades that eventually lead to the weakening of my immune system, and my current state of illness. By New Years I was coughing, the next day my tonsils had swollen and Strep throat had kicked in. A day after that a lump formed on the side of my neck, I am guessing that is one of my lymph nods.

I was well on my way to the hospital considering you can't buy antibiotics over the counter... You see you have to go to a doctor to tell you what you already know is wrong with you, then be charged out the ass so you can procure said antibiotics for some ungodly sum of hard earned money. But hey I wouldn't want to have universal health care like Canada because it isn't as good as ours... somehow. Lucky for me, I am on the Danielle heath plan, and she has been benevolent enough to supply me with amoxicillin and other various antibiotics. Hopefully I won't die.

Anyhow, on the lighter side of things my friend Troy and I (with a little help from his girlfriend Meghan) have started a new blog called the The Church of Awesomeness which will serve as an outlet for our drunken misadventures. If you need a laugh check out the poll we constructed.

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