Friday, January 25, 2008

Kucinich brings up the I-word again.

Well thank Dog someone has the balls to, as it seems Pelosi feels it is off the table and Harry Reid is too busy placating Bush and the telecom companies. Of course the rightwing wack jobs find this to be "uncivil."

Excerpted from The Plain Dealer:
"This morning, Rep. Kucinich used the House floor to launch a personal attack against President Bush and Vice President Cheney and accused them of lying to the American people."

Really? Was there not a report issued yesterday that the Bush administration had employed 935 dishonest statements in the lead up to the Iraq War? Are approximately 4000 of our troops not dead? Tell me how stating facts are considered personal attacks, or are only singular lies concerning blow jobs the appropriate subject matter for enacting constitutional measurements for defending our country?
"He also said that the House was 'living a lie.' His outburst was a violation of House rules and I asked that his remarks be taken down and the Speaker upheld my objection. Kucinich withdrew his remarks rather than have his words struck down, which would have forced him to leave the House floor for the day. After he decided to withdraw his remarks, I stated that I would not object " 'with the understanding that these egregious accusations are in violation of the House rules and his statements must stop for the civility of the House and debate.' "

Civility of the House debate? Since when have the Republicans believed in civility? Perhaps I missed it. Was it when Jean Schmidt told Retired Marine John Murtha that "cowards cut and run" or was it when Dick Cheney told Patrick Leahy "go fuck yourself"? Or maybe it was when the Republicans wasted 7.2 million dollars dragging the former president's name through the mud over a fucking BJ? Fuck you Stearns, you think I don't understand Republican code? You had your chance to be civil, now realize that your egregious actions have woken up the country and we are paying attention.

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