Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mildly Brilliant Update: 12/18/2007

Well things are looking up for the first time in a while. While my bank account is still a little strapped, it looks like I will be going back to Redlands to dock the "Divine Providence" when I get her seaworthy. I talked with lady who works a sister park of the fascist regime I used to do security for and apparently nobody blames me for quitting outright like I did. I even can use the company as a reference.

In other news my current co-workers and I celebrated the 20th birthday of our friend Kari by dressing up all formal and getting thoroughly thrashed on vodka. My long time friend Mike is set to become old this Friday when he turns the big 3-0. Last but not least, my mother turns fifty-five today and can now legally reside at the fascist 55+ community where my grandfather lives. The son of a bitch who runs the park, Fritz, has gone through the trouble of notifying me that police action will result the next time I spend the night at my grandfather's. He's a precious gem isn't he?

Still that is neither here nor there and like I said before, I will deal with it in due time. Meanwhile, I find myself recuperating in the house of Troy from the antics of last Sunday. It is only here and at Nash's where I can access the Internets, so forgive me if I have not posted or responded to anything lately. I did find an Intertubes cafe done the street from my friend's house that I will probably become fairly acquainted with, but until then...


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