Thursday, December 13, 2007

MB Update: Again, with the where I've been...

I have lost my Internet connection, this is due to my departure of my security job, which was of my own volition. I quit on moral grounds... I was as surprised as you. Apparently I have morals, and strong ones at that.

I was rather dismayed to find that apologists appeared out of the woodworks in defense of my former boss, but it is to be expected since those who live under the oppression of even the most laughable of tyrants find it warm under the wing of a dragon. I do not blame these people, nor do I really care given my situation. I am homeless, without electricity, internet or the luxury of propane or a motorhome that can drive in excess of five feet: This means no heat, no refridgeration, cooking, nor heating.

All of my own volition, yet strangely life has become so much simpler as a result.

The chill of winter is more respected and the seasonal changes that more prominent: the white noise of rain drowns out the industrial neighborhood I temporarialy reside in and provokes a sleep of the likes of Rip Van Winkle... granted he had an emasculating job like mine. Putting the poetic pedantics aside; I see clearly what must be done, and though I cannot state it, the reckoning gathers inertia which I can't deny. Planets and other miscellaneous heavenly bodies are out of alignment... and like always, it is up to me to put them in their place.

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