Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Troll Talk: Validation is a Bitch!!!

Well I know he craves the spotlight and as my friend Nash would say I am giving him what he wants, but like a kid caught smoking a cigarette, Jason needs a father figure to lock him in the closet until finishes the rest of the pack. Jason had accused me of using invectives when I pointed out that he was a troll. Now when I post about witnessing the death of a twenty year old man what does Jason do? he does what any follower of Christ would do and turns it into a partisan dig.
[quoting me]--Someone else suggested removing the driver from the wheel well and I stopped them.

"Don't touch him. The fact that his head is wedged in there is probably all that is keeping him from hemmoraging. If he has a chance at survival, which I seriously doubt it, it will lessen if you move him."
Prolonging his suffering in the face of obvious death? Quite un-liberal-like.

Why how very Christ-like, I witness a man die in front of me and the only thing you can think of is to turn it into political hate speech? Blessed are the partisan hacks for they will truly inherrit the monker of TROLL. Thank you for demonstrating that I was entirely correct in filing you under TROLL TALK.

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Jason said...

It's called a joke, and it was made to illustrate a point. "Social libertarians" like yourself invariably support euthanasia to end suffering. Yet here you are defending the continuing suffering of a person you were sure had no chance of survival.

On the other hand, perhaps CPR could've helped the guy and you prevented that with your faux concern for the last moments of his life.