Thursday, October 11, 2007

Douche Bag Award of the Week

This weeks Douche Bag Award is special not only because it is the first of its kind, but also because it is being bestowed posthumously. This weeks prestigious award goes to the late Rev. Gary M. Aldridge who died from "accidental mechanical asphyxia." In other words he accidentally sufficated himself in an attempt to get off. But the true beauty of this story lies in its heavy doses of irony. For starters he is a pastor who worked for another formerly deceased bigshot of the religious right.

Excerpted from WSFA TV Mongomery, Alabama:
Gary Aldridge graduated from Liberty University and later worked for the late Jerry Falwell. A former colleague at the school remembered him as well.

"He went on to become one of the deans and the students loved him. He had a tremendous impact on them," said Dr. Bob Miller of Liberty University.

As investigators try to figure out what happened, Steve Campbell says this is by far the hardest thing he's ever had to go through yet despite the loss of a close, personal friend, Steve Campbell says he won't even bother asking 'why.'
It is too bad Mr. Campbell doesn't bother asking 'why' because the irony is absolutley delicious. In a state that has gone through the trouble of drawing up legislation to prohibit the sales of sex toys it is only fitting that one of its pastors is found dead with two wetsuits on, rubber underwear, a diving mask, and wait for it... a dildo with a condom on it lodged up his ass. I would make a joke here but it wouldn't be nearly as funny as the plain facts of the matter. So congradulations Gary Aldridge, you are a

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