Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Student at University of Florida Tased by Police.

Video of afterward...

This is bad. The student asks a question, although it be a lengthy one and he is arrested. As he is being lifted out of the forum he dramatically shouts "help me" and eventually tries to break free, which leads to him being restrained and cuffed on ground. He rightfully asks what he has done and then in an ultimate act of cowardice the police tase an unarmed and restrained student!!! And what was his question?
Andrew Meyers: "I want to recommend a book to you. It's called 'Armed Madhouse by Greg Palast.' He's the top investigative journalist in America."

Kerry: "I have the book. I've already read it."

Andrew Meyers: "... In this book, it says there were 5 million votes and you won the election. ... How could you concede the election on the day?"
This is not only a legitimate question that I would like to see answered, but apparently one that is grounds for being arrested. I do have to admit that Mr. Meyers question had exceeded the time limit and he was actin like a jackass when they started to carry him away, but there is absolutely no excuse for these cops to tase him, especially when he was already handcuffed. If I was him I would have told them I was going to going to sue the Hell out of them--which probably would have gotten me tased again, but that would make my lawsuit that much stronger.

I hope he sues them for all they got and they lose their jobs. But this besides the point. What is wrong with our country? I first saw this on CNN, then I switched over MSNBC. For shits and giggles I flipped over to FOX NOISE. Predictably, Bill O'Reilly was defending the actions of the cops with a tortured form of pretzel logic that made George Orwell approach 7000 RPM's in his grave. None of the stations mentioned that the yellow book in his hands was Greg Palast's "Armed Madhouse," nor did any of them play the question that got him tased. Though I expected as much from our mainstream media. The fact that Kerry didn't try to stop it or say something at the moment didn't shock me either. What shocked me is the amount of idiots on Youtube who defended the cops actions, made snide remarks about how the taser should have more juice, or that he should have been tased more.

To these people all I can say is this: You have a right to your opinion however crass and wrong it may be. That opinion is supposed to be protected by the first amendment that you obviously don't believe in by your support of this egregious abuse of power. Should you spout your inane bullshit in person around me, you will wish I had a taser...

Update: Police are recommending a felony charge. I recommend suing the fuck out of the police department.

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