Saturday, September 01, 2007

robber steal merch later returns with apology letter

Excerpted from MSNBC.
WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A burglar visited Graeme Glass' home in New Zealand twice in one day — first to steal some goods and later to return them, along with a heartfelt apology note. The burglar smashed a window to gain entry and made off with a laptop computer, a camera, and Glass' wallet with an American Express credit card. The thief returned the goods later in the day, along with a new basketball and two pairs of gloves bought on the stolen credit card.
Glass and his wife, Shirley, discovered the loot piled on their kitchen table with a neat, handwritten full-page note from the burglar saying he was sorry for "violating the safety and security of your home." Continure article...

Editor's note: Only in New Zealand...

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