Friday, September 14, 2007

Former oil company executive admits employees worked on Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens' home

Excerpted from Th AP via MSNBC:
Ex-VECO Corp. CEO Bill Allen discussed the work while testifying in the corruption trial of former state House Speaker Pete Kott.

Allen and former VECO Vice President Rick Smith pleaded guilty in May to extortion, conspiracy and bribery of legislators.

Under cross-examination by Kott's defense attorney James Wendt, Allen acknowledged that the more than $400,000 he admitted spending in the bribery charge was for other legislators _ and for work done at Stevens' home in Girdwood.

"I don't think there was a lot of materials," Allen said. "There was some labor."

The workers were VECO employees, probably one to four at a time, Allen said. He said the work lasted for "probably a couple of months." Later, he said it might have been as much as six months.

You mean the Alaskan Senator who gave us "The Bridge to Nowhere" is guilty of corruption and accepting bribes? Perish the thought... I wonder if he is going to throw another hissy fit?

TIt is my opinion that Ted Stevens won the coot-off

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