Sunday, September 09, 2007

Don Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney In Hell by Fred Stopsky

I just finished this book and i have to say that in my opinion it is the best book i've ever read and i think if you truely a free thinker and have a sense of humor you should have this book already. it starts with Don Rumsfeld waking up in hell and meeting his old friend Ken Lay, only to find out that Ken is now a representative of the devil and that now Rumsfeld must got through a trial of witness for and against him to decide which level of hell he will go to when he dies. the witnesses are from past and present, dead and alive, and range from Jon Stweart to Former President Harry Truman. i have never laughed sooo hard from a single book ever in my life, my favorite part was when Groucho and Chico Marx interview Dick Cheney, it was priceless, i suggest that each and every one of you go out and get a copy of this book before both men find out about it's presense and have it banned.

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