Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oil Can Henry's neglect has ruined my car's engine

On June 15th of this year I went into the Oil Can Henry's at 35126 Yucaipa Blvd of Yucaipa to have for an oil change and asked them to "Supreme It." This simply means my engine is to be flushed, oil & oil filter changed, and gas additive is to be added to my fuel. The process costs $67.67 and takes about twenty minutes, so it is not cheap and the only reason I do so is because I don't trust myself to compitently change my oil, nor do I have the time or equipment to do so.

Less than a month later, four days ago to be exact, I am heading down to Yucaipa from Oak Glen when my "check engine" light comes on, so I make an emergency pit stop at the local Stater Bros. on Bryant St. and Oak Glen Rd. Upon inspection of the oil dipstick I find that my engine is bone dry. How can this be if I just had my oil changed? I purchase some three quarts of 10W-30 at the store and put two in so I can arrive at my friend Brian's house.

Arriving at Brian's house I notice the smell of unlubricated machinery and burnt oil so I refrain from driving my car except for driving it home and to the mechanic earlier today. My mechanic, also named Brian, took one look at it, and figured out the problem immediately, and he did so without hooking it up to a computer or taking anything off the engine. When I said I had just had my oil changed at Oil Can Henry's less than a month ago he quickly looked under the car and noticed the oil plug was leaking, so he told me to go back to them.

Upon arriving at OCH's I asked for a supervisor and told him of my problem. He then said because I went to a mechanic first instead of them that waived their warranty to pay for any damages to moving parts that may have incurred from their negligence. That smells like bullshit, but they said they would fix it (the oil plug leak.) I asked for an oil change and they denied me that so when I went home and noticed excessive amounts of white smoke pouring from my tailpipe I asked around and people kept telling me that I have a case.

I am not going to allow them to get away with ruining my car, even if it involves going to court.

Until then, the best I can do is let others know.

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