Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hang Nail

In between the car wreck of reasons that I call my thought process,
I noticed there was blood on the "A" key.
Apparently, it is true alcohol thins the blood,
so I removed myself from the computer
and located the last sheet of toilet paper in the world.

Back at the keyboard,
I couldn't help thinking how fucked I would be if I were a hemophiliac.
But my lot was different,
especially when it came to general health.

But aside from predispositions and genetics,
we all make decisions.
Some good,
some bad,
and some so stupid you can't even blame it on alcohol or drug use.

A hang nail, well... not a nail really, but a piece of partially dead skin,
was hanging off my pinky.
My bad decision
was not forgetting it.

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