Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Good Reason to Drink

I went looking for her tonight, I went to the bar I said I wouldn't.
She wasn't there.
Just the usual drunken assholes,
and the mandatory drunken bald guy that is just too damn fixated on my hair.

I hate this town.

This bar disgusts me, evidence we need another deluge to wash away the refuse.
She works here though, and
she is good at doing what she does.
If you are lucky you will catch the subtleties of her,
like I have.

Bangs sticking to the corners of her lips,
her speech has been clocked at 754 mph.
Points of interest include,
but are not limited to:
Serial killers, medicine, liquor, wine,
and kung fu movies...

She makes me harder than chinese algebra.

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