Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Richard Dawkins' response to a Liberty University red herring on Quantum Theory vs. Religion

The poster of the Youtube video is a fundie and flips the question of not being able to prove the existence of God on the reader themselves. Of course, I had to respond:

Fundamentalist Jack Off: Essentially what he's saying in this video is, in a complicated manner, "you can't prove that god exists".

I'd like to pose this question as an intellectual challenge - Prove that you exist. Prove someone else exists in the same fashion.

Mildly Brilliant:I responded to your post, that is proof I exist. If you wish me to prove you exist, show up on my doorstep and I will bitchslap you; the pain you experience will be an affirmation of life. Now let's see how long it takes God to respond to this post. Oops... there goes that argument.

It is amazing how easy it is to cut through mental masturbation in just three senstences... Then again, the argument is that God exists outside of time so He probably get really confused when reading blogs and this might take a while. [/sarcasm]

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Veggivore said...

Being able to process sensory input is not an affirmation of life or existence. I can point out many non-physical objects that process and react to external stimuli that are do not physically exist by todays definition. Feel free to change the definition if you like.