Monday, November 20, 2006

New Song: Claustrophobic Gophers

Ever since Nash got Pro Tools I have been trying my hand at composing music. My last idea was the Three's Company Themesong, which Nash was cool enough to help me with. To my surprise a few people enjoyed it, even though that song (much like most Patio Furniture songs) was more of a joke than serious work. This is not meant to diminish Nash's supurb mixing job; the effects are the first thing people seem to appreciate, and the overall response is always different. Still, I wanted to make something a little more serious...

A sober idea, with a not so sober execution.

I ended up with something that sounds like a score for a 1950's horror B-movie. C'est la vie. "Claustrophobic Gophers" can be heard here.

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