Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Freeper behind fake Anthrax attacks

Turns out the man behind the fake Anthax letters to Nancy Pelosi and Jon Stewart is from the conservative forum Free Republic. Here's from Chad Castagana's bio which Free Republic has taken down:
I am a lifelong Conservative Republican .

I have an Associates Degree in the Science of Electronics .

Ann Coulter is a Goddess and I worship Laura Ingraham and Michele Malkin .

English is the langauge of the United States of America- - our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution are written in the langauge that expresses our civilized freedoms .

Spanish is the language of Banana Republics, beyond that it belongs in a European country.

Jesus' General also weighs in on Chad Castagana.

Meanwhile other Wingnuts are debating a military coup.

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