Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Mildly Brilliant Update for 10/26/06

Due to an incompatible lifestyles, work hours, and several things of mine damaged or destroyed by my roomate and his party friends; I will be moving out of my apartment by the end of November. The final straw that broke the camel's proverbial back was when I noticed the shoddy repair work of the door frame of my room. Apparently, my roomate had broken the door frame while rough-housing with one of his friends while drunk at one-thirty in the morning. How I came to find this out was through my downstairs neighbor. Apparently, he came up here after his family was awoken by hammering noises well after two in the morning. In essence, my room has been broken into, however unintentionally, by my roomate, and he tried to cover it up and hope I wouldn't notice. The only reason I haven't stuffed my foot up this person's ass or thrown him out on the street is because he is my younger brother.

Resentment toward my brother as a roomate has been brewing for month's now. It took me about a week to calm myself down and sort my thoughts in order to confront my brother with my decision. In the end we both acted as adults and I was suprised to see that he understood why I have chosen to live to move out. I don't chalk that all up to him being mature about it, as he just doesn't have a leg to stand on. Even as he agreed with my descision and said it was all an accident, I continued to find more of my possessions destroyed by his drunken mishaps. The drawing pictured to left that I drew almost ten years ago now has a hole threw the middle of it, as does the kitchen wall behind it. He doesn't even remember how that happened.

My next residence will be rather unorthodox, and even slightly whiskey tango, but it is about the cheapest and most flexible way to live for the time being. My friend is selling me his motorhome to me for a mere $1500, and the thing is huge. We took it out to the Mojave Desert a few times (upper righthand corner) and it slept four people, and provided the amenities of a toilet, shower and a kitchen for us and five other people camping in a pop up for a duration of three days. In those conditions it can become crowded, but by myself, I will have more living space than I do now... minus a roomate.

At the moment I don't know where I will be parking the R.V. or if I will be online after November. I am currently researching technology that keep me online no matter where I park. There is a good chance I will be boondocking a lot it as well so I need to find out about this as soon as possible.

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