Monday, August 14, 2006

So this is my day off..

Er, it was my day off. I have to go into work in about thirteen hours. Having only one day off is taxing, especially at the rate of pay I am getting. I must say I am doing alright tip-wise, but it is still not enough.

I intended to go to Running Srings this Sunday, but that fell through. Instead, I met up with some old schoolmates at Chuck's Nutz with my friend Bennington. Both of them were attending law school in San Diego. We exchanged stories of our lives, and I personally made sure that both parties heard of my alcoholic exploits. Politics also came up in the mix and I was glad to hear that our friends didn't approve of the Bush Adminsitration.

It seems even when I make a concious effort to avoid politics, it still seems to come up. I have been avoiding politics lately; namely because of this Hezbollah/Israel crap. I can't stand it, it is completely stupid and can be chalked 100% to the insanity of religion. But of course I can't tell anyone that, especially at my new job.

Hell, I made the mistake of telling a girl I was the Devil. Actually, my neighbor who works there called me the Devil as a reference to a recent event. A few weeks prior there were some highschoolers who were conversing across the street at two o'clock in the morning and were obviously inebriated. I ventured over to inquire about the possible aquisition of cigarettes and/or herbage. This proved to be a mistake as a very large guy in a Union Jack T-shirt chose to accost me with "Who the fuck are you?"

"I am the Devil" I replied."

"Looks like th Devil needs to get his ass kicked" he fired back.

"Do you find that wise, boy? Threatening the Devil?"

After some persuassion by friends he backed down, and I walked home without cigarettes feeling like an asshole. Anyhow, this made for a great story to tell to my neighbor, and now it had backfired on me.

"You can call me Lucifer, it carries a lighter connotation."

Apparently she didn't find that funny.

"I don't know what to say... I wish I never met you."

Wow, I like you too.

Long story short, she was offended because she was a Christian. So I did the good Samaritan thing and sung "Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones everytime she walked by.

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