Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An Update in the world of Mildly Brilliant.

Aka: Where I have been lately.

There is nothing like the feeling of earning a living after a lull of unemployment. I recently aquired a job at worldwide pizza chain in the town I grew up in, and within the first days of employment I realized how much I had fallen. Within the period of six months I had gone from teaching children and maintaining computers, to a 40 hour week temporary data entry job, to a pizza delivery driver.

The first night closing I had to mop the floors. I hated every minute of it.

It's been two weeks now and I have had one day off, yet strangely I don't mind washing the dishes or making deliveries anymore. Closing still sucks but not as much anymore because I usually wash the dishes instead of the floors, and I have been making decent tips lately. I also went on a date today, if you can call it that, and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which was not as good as the first because it became a little too absurd in its handling of basic physics, but that is Hollywood for you.

But let us can the foreplay: There is more to this Internet absence than the aquisition of a new job transporting heart disease direct to your door. One factor has been the weather; the heat is killing me and my apartment is basically an oven this time of year, so I have been staying with my grandparents and they have no Internet. Another factor has been the pettiness I have been engaging with both on and off the Internet. This blogger recently had an encounter with a reader of this blog and had been talking with said reader by means of el telefono. This long distance friendship has saddly came to end due to an overdose of drama. C'est la vie. I will get over it.

In fact, I am finding that easier each day to do when it comes to dealing with people entering and exiting my life. I guess that is part of growing up; excepting change.

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