Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Imagine: As covered by A Perfect Circle.

Originally an inspirational song of hope for the future, "Imagine" has been covered in minor cords to give it the cynical tone of the present. All though I am not too familiar with A Perfect Circle, I have followed Maynard's work through the past with his old band Tool. In fact, I saw Tool at Coachella this year and I still say to this day that their drummer isn't human. I put this up here for two reasons. The first reason is a friend of mine says she absolutely hates the Beatles, one of if not my favorite, of all bands. She loves A Perfect Circle and so I thought I would revel in the irony of one of her favorite bands covering a member's song of a band she really hates. The second reason isn't so light hearted.

I want my readers to see the stark difference in the perception of the future in a time period of just over thirty years. Our dreams have been replaced by nightmares, and we are letting these nightmares become reality because we chose to hear "both sides of the story."

We deep down know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. If you ever get confused, let me give you a hint. The good guys are the ones who get assasinated in America. The bad guys die comfortably on vacation or of old age with the people conveniently forgeting their past transgressions or dismissing their crimes as "something all politicians do." Remember this the next time you see a photograph of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., or John Lennon. We had a few voices and they were silenced. If you are confused as to who would do such a thing all you have to do is look at who took over, and what they are doing with their power.

For those of you who care to find out why our dreams have been replaced by nightmares, I urge you to watch this documentary.

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Anonymous said...

hey man there are lot of guys out there who talk such stuff ,talking doesnt help .do you think anybody would listen,action speak more than words.have you done anything for your country ,society.have you