Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back from L.A. and back to house sitting.

Well 4th of July was pretty much a bust, but I am not going to go on about it here. If you are really interested you can check it out on my friend's blog.

So far only one thing has died that I am taking care of at Nash's house. The zebra fish has gone missing and my guess is these guys are the culprits.

For those of you who are astute, yes that is a butt plug in the corner, and as it turns out butt plugs are not a suitable object for a fish tank. No, I am not talking about tact here, I am talking about L\latex. Apparently latex breaks down rather easily and it was poisoning the fish so Nash took it out. For those of you wondering why Nash had a buttplug in the first place, Chip and I got it for Bennington as a gag gift on his birthday. For some reason he left it at Nash's [/sarcasm] and it found its way in the fish tank for about a month.

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